Welcome to 2020, part II.

I intended to write a lot more in 2021 than I actually did.

Call it COVID fatigue or something else (I had a much busier H2 in 2021 than I expected due to a role and team change), but I just didn’t manage to write much - I had a lot of half thoughts, and they ended up either in an ever growing set of drafts or just lazily thrown on Twitter.

For 2022, I am setting specific professional goals for myself:

  1. Attend at least 1 conference a quarter, on average.1
  2. Read a technical or organizational leadership book 1x a month.
  3. Write into an internal newsletter 2x a month.
  4. Write a personal blog entry 1x a week (yes, this counts).
  5. Decide on a long-term career plan for 2023+.

Stay tuned for more :)

  1. Contingent on how comfortable I feel traveling visa-vi COVID. ↩︎